My name is Han Xiao (肖涵), a Beijinger who spent years in Munich, Berlin and Shenzhen. I currently reside in Shenzhen and frequently travel between these cities.

At Tencent AI, I’m leading a team on neural information retrieval, laying down the next-gen search infrastructure for a China’s everyday app: Wechat. I serve in the Tencent Technical Advisory Council and Opensource Program Office, fostering the open-source and DevOps culture inside the company. I’d love to consider myself as an AI open-source evangelist. My Fashion-MNIST and bert-as-service were listed as the most popular AI open-source projects in 2017&18 world-widely.

I’m a board member at LF AI Foundation, driving the open source innovation in AI by enabling international collaboration. I’m also the Founder & Chairman of the German-Chinese Association of AI. The GCAAI I found in 2017 now has more than 700 members across Germany and China and quoted by the Nature.

Before joining Tencent, I worked at Zalando in Berlin for 3.5y. I received my Ph.D. (2014) and M.Sc. (2009) in computer science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany. My Ph.D. is about adversarial and robust learning on Bayesian and non-parametric Bayesian methods.

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